Posting on Path, Just Use Sound via Google Glass

Google smart glasses, namely Google Glass gets new update is increasingly enriching ability. One of the new capabilities that are brought to the status of the post popular networking site Path application only armed with sound.

The update presented to the explorer Google Glass and gradually be visited Google Glass owners other in the next few days. Not only Path, voice control capabilities is also true for those who want to add a note in Evernote.

The technology giant said that the ability is just the beginning and there will be more promising Glassware application that supports voice commands.

The smart glasses is expected to be sold in bulk in 2014. Currently Google Glass expensive sold to developers at a price of USD 1,500. However estimated, banderolnya price will decline to USD 299 or in the range of USD 3 million only when sold to the public.

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Awesome! Siri Can be Ordered to Close Garage

Thanks to the presence of Siri, users can command in his voice iDevice. Well, in the hands of a developer, the voice assistant feature may be ordered not only for iOS devices only.

Through YouTube account named Elvis Impresonator, this guy shows how Siri can be instructed to open and close the garage, turned off the lights, adjust the temperature to change the state TV channel.

Excerpted from The Next Web, Thursday (07/01/2013), the engineering is done with the help of the Raspberry Pi, through the SiriProxy. So all of these commands are recorded and delivered through the device to execute the command.

Raspberry Pi is a computer device that is made in such a way, but much smaller in size than the computer in general. In fact, the size of this device is nothing more than an ID card.

“I have been following developments since the appearance SiriProxy beginning in November 2011 and even meninstal the Marvell SheevaPlug ARM-based computers,” wrote the YouTube account.

“I spent countless nights to memujudkan ability to use voice commands to control my home,” he said.