Advan Deskbook, Desktop PC with TV Tuner

Advan local vendors, try to offer new products that anti-mainstream of what is on the market, namely desktop computers with additional TV Turner.

Is Deskbook, an All in One PC which is the latest product from Advan. This desktop has a variety of advantages, some of which are Energy Saving, Upgradable, Silent, Space Saving & Heavy Duty, Adjustable Display Stands and TV Tune

Energy Saving Advan Deskbook owned technology called “Nano Power Supply” is the development of hardware technology with a smaller scale to supply electricity to all parts of the electrical current and the set is only 65% or just use the electricity consumption of 65 watts.

With breakthrough Space Saving & Heavy Duty Advan Deskbook on course design and sleek stylish.

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Newer 3 Series from AMD Radeon for Portable PCs

AMDAMD has just introduced their latest graphics card series which is intended for notebooks. Some of them claimed to have high performance when used for gaming. The third series is among other Radeon HD 7900M, 7800M HD, and HD 7700M1. Everything is made ​​in the fabrication of 28nm and comes with support for DirectX 11.1.

“Three years ago, AMD decided to push the limits of graphics on a notebook computer and since then we have to apply to any new release of our mobile products,” said Matt Skynner, corporate vice president and general manager, GPU division, Sunday (04/29/2012). These three graphics cards have different user segments, the HD 7700 series to the emphasis on long battery life, and HD 7900M for gamers who want a powerful notebook. While the HD 7800M series is the mediator between the two. To improve the power efficiency AMD Radeon HD 7000m series has also been equipped with AMD power gating technology that turns off one core GPU when not in use.

Then immersed Zero Core AMD technology is also moving the GPU dropped to nearly zero watts effectively when AMD Radeon HD GPU 7000m series switched to inactive mode.

Newest peek Huawei Technologies in China

Huawei China Office
Huawei China Office

The headquarters of Huawei in China, have a special area filled with a variety of prototypes of their technology. Starting from the technology of cellular relay towers, a powerful tool for hospitals, to smart phones and tablet PC based on Android.

Huawei headquarters in Shenzhen, China, consists of many tall buildings in a vast area. Each building devoted to the different divisions and interests.

Special to the room located on building the latest technology Research and Development. When in this area, each group will be accompanied by staff of Huawei to clarify what is the technology they develop.

Beginning with the claimed technology getting smarter BTS. Huawei explained that they had a breakthrough that makes cellular relay towers is more power efficient and sophisticated.

First, there is a tower that has been put on solar power so it uses less energy and costs. “Consumption of energy is only about 700 watts,” said Huawei staff who lead the band. Continue reading “Newest peek Huawei Technologies in China”

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What AMD’s breakthrough in 2010?

To further strengthen its power in the industrial processors and graphics cards, AMD is now preparing for a breakthrough-a breakthrough for the year 2010. Anything?

For business graphics cards and processors, AMD is worth in the account. At the end of 2009 this year they have issued a graphics card with the latest technology that has a code name Cypress.

In early 2010, AMD ready hit the market with Opteron processors that have the ‘brains’ 12 and 6 units.

Then be followed by many variants of graphics cards for low-end class, which had supported the line of DirectX 11 ATI Radeon 5000 series. For the notebook segment was also not escaped the attention of AMD. In mid 2010, they will play in the class notebook with great performance yet energy efficient.

Processors that would be presented is the Quad Core processor codenamed Denube. Although armed with a number of core enough, the processor requires only electrical power about 25 watts.

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