Compared to the Xbox 360, PS3 users playing games more often

XBoxA survey conducted by Strategy Analytics ConsumerMetrix show that the owner of the PlayStation 3 (PS3) console to play them more often than owners of Xbox 360 and Nintendo Wii.

Indeed, in late 2011 Xbox 360 had earlier scored a fantastic sales with the acquisition of 8.2 million unit rate. Superior to the PS3 which sold 6.5 million and 5.6 million Nintendo Wii.

Even so, the number of consoles sold is not necessarily proportional to the intensity of the gamer to play it. A survey initiated by the Strategy Analytics ConsumerMetrix, market watchers from Boston institution, prove it.

As many as 44% of total PS3 owners claim their consoles to play regularly every week, while Xbox 360 users only 40% and only 30% of Nintendo Wii.

“Last year the Xbox 360 is outselling the PS3, but Strategy Analytics research shows that the PS3 is slightly more popular among gamers than the Xbox 360,” Jia Wu, Director of Strategy Analytics Connected Home Devices service, Tuesday (01/05/2012).

Nintendo 3DS It Can Video Streaming

Nintendo 3ds
Nintendo 3ds

With an application, a handheld gaming device users can now enjoy the Nintendo 3DS streaming video content service.

This week, Nintendo launched the application called Nintendo Video. This application allows users to watch video content in a format specifically either two dimensional or three-dimensional (3D).

However, as quoted from TG Daily, Friday (07/15/2011), because it was launched in Japan and Europe, so for now the new 3DS users in the region can enjoy this service. Nintendo promised to expand its availability to other regions.

For users in the U.S., while Nintendo to replace it with the application of Netflix. As heralded in the event Game Developers Conference earlier this year, 3DS became the first gaming device that offers 3D streaming content from Netflix instant streaming service. Continue reading “Nintendo 3DS It Can Video Streaming”

Message from Wii U Make Confused Nintendo

Nitendo Wii U
Nitendo Wii U

Nintendo has announced its new console, Nintendo Wii U in the Champions Electronic Entertainment Expo 2011. Media and fans are most warmly welcome this announcement.

U Wii console can attract hard core gamers with its High Definition capabilities. On the other hand, touch screen controllers can be applied to a variety of casual games, according to the first generation Wii market.

Given this, Nintendo President Satoru Iwata also wonder why investors do not welcome the announcement. Nintendo shares fell nearly 10 percent reported within 2 days after U Wii was announced.

“Frankly, the reaction to the presentation that day and what I hear from the people and also the atmosphere that appears on the show (E3-red) not the same as what happened in the market saha,. It’s very strange,” said Iwata who quoted by Reuters on Friday (10/06/2011). Continue reading “Message from Wii U Make Confused Nintendo”

This is the Motion Sensor to First PC’s in the World

Asus Motion Sensor
Asus Motion Sensor

Asus introduces new ways to enjoy entertainment on television and the PC. If you usually use the remote control or wireless controller, Asus WAVI Xtion (read: way-vee action) would adopt the motion sensor technology first in the world.

Yes, with newer technology, the users can play games on the PC, play multimedia entertainment at home only with the intuitive body gestures input on the display Full HD.

Asus WAVI Xtion consists of two components, namely WAVI wireless streaming media device, and motion sensors Xtion.

WAVI capable of displaying high definition media wirelessly from a PC to the TV in different rooms. He also marked the emergence of a motion sensor interface for playing multimedia, gaming, and other applications based on gesture.

While WAVI Xtion integrate motion sensing technology from PrimeSense with ASUS Xtion Portal user interface through the application of intuitive interaction.

You know Nintendo Wii console? How it works WAVI Xtion approximately the same with him. It’s just that if the Wii uses a wireless controller, WAVI Xtion not at all. It’s really based on gesture motion captured body motion sensor camera.