Android smartphones stagnant

Android Smartphone
Android Smartphone

According to recent reports Nielsen research institute, revealed that the growth in smartphone sales, particularly in the U.S. market moves back up. But the movement was driven by iPhone sales, Apple’s smartphone.

In the survey, the share of new iPhone users increased to 17 percent compared with 10 percent in early 2011. As for the percentage of new users of Android-based smartphone is stagnant at 27 percent.

Excerpted from Ars Technica, June 6, 2011, the figures show that Android is still dominating the smartphone sales to users who buy smartphones in the last three months. However, interest in the platform for a while it stopped growing.

As is known, before it had time to sluggish sales of the iPhone and Android skyrocketed. However, analysts expect, the iPhone launch by Verizon likely contribute to distorting the situation.

From the survey, note also that in the United States, sales of BlackBerry continues to decline. The numbers fell from 11 percent to 6 percent in recent months. Windows Phone also less popular. The percentage of sales is only about 1 percent.

However, the smartphone itself has huge potential. Because of the Nielsen survey, 55 percent of recent phone buyers prefer a smartphone than feature phones. The figure rose from just 34 percent last year.

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