Is this the Specifications Surface Pro 3?

Microsoft Surface tablet reportedly will show off the latest in a press conference that will be held April 22. Rumors, Microsoft will showcase Surface 3 and Surface Pro Mini in the event.

Surface Mini is expected to have an 8-inch screen . While Surface Pro 3 , Microsoft seems to be offering five different versions .

“>Even so , the fifth will use Intel’s Haswell processor .

The cheapest models will be equipped with a Core i3 processor , 4GB of RAM , and 64GB of storage , priced at USD799 . Core i5 version with 128GB of storage will be sold at a price of USD 999 .

The most expensive version , as quoted from Ubergizmo , Monday ( 05/19/2014 ) , reportedly will use a Core i7 processor , 8GB of RAM , with 512GB of storage , and is sold at a price of USD 1949.

In addition , there is also a version with a Core i5 and i7 with 8GB RAM , and 256GB of storage that will be released at a price of USD 1,299 and USD 1,549 .

Surface Pro mentioned will have a thinner bezel , with a screen of 12 inches . The Windows key is also to be positioned on the side of the vertical , not horizontal like a pro Surface previous generations .

Cheap Smartphones Increasingly Threatened

Today, smartphone or smart phones cheap the better performance. Or at least , not frustrating when worn . Competition between mobile phone vendors also predicted turn to the segments , no longer at the high end level .

Yes , supported increasingly low cost of production , smartphone manufacturers began flooding the lower class segment with a quality product .

“>Not only vendors middle of nowhere , but well-known brands such as Motorola or Asus .

Call it the Motorola Moto E or Asus Zenfone 4 . Both are priced under $ 2 million , but it offers a tempting specification and resolution widescreen tolerable .

Samsung’s Android as the ruler does not seem to want to be left with developing Tizen operating system -based smartphone . Tizen smartphone reportedly aimed at developing countries and banderolnya affordable .

What is the reason low-cost smartphone market increasingly passionate ? As quoted from TechRadar , Monday ( 05/19/2014 ) , apparently a high end smart phone market began to stagnate . According to research firm IDC research , smartphone shipments has declined in some countries , such as in Japan . So the smartphone market is no longer as sexy as before .

Be aware of this trend , manufacturers of smartphones play the brain to maintain sales . And it seems the best way is to offer cheap smartphones to reach as many consumers . For resale value , performance is not disappointing .

Trend of low-cost smartphone also triggered the decline in the average price of smartphones in 2012 valued at $ 450 , is projected to drop to USD 260 in 2018. Means that profit margins eroded smartphone vendor

Samsung and Apple Should Beware Pocin

Map of competition in the mobile phone industry heats up . Not only involve big names like Apple , Samsung , Sony , LG , HTC and others , but now vendors from China and India also began to spread threats .

Research from Business Insider Intelligence mention vendors such as ZTE , Huawei , Xiaomi , Lenovo of China or Karbonn and Micromax of India is starting to show its fangs . Not only in domestic market but in foreign countries.

According to the report cited by the Times of India , on Monday ( 17/03/2014 ) , the Chinese mobile phone vendors in particular have great potential for being able to make a good product with a lower selling price than the output of a premium brand . And the quality is good increases . Continue reading “Samsung and Apple Should Beware Pocin”

Function ‘Lytro camera’ There is now at All Lumia WP8

Nokia expands availability refocus . Lytro similar application that lets users take pictures first and determine the focus of the past can now be sampled at all based Lumia Windows Phone 8 ( WP8 ) .

When it was first announced , this exciting new photography apps available in the handset with PureView camera , for example Lumia 1020 equipped with 41 megapixel camera . Demand a lot of users , Nokia did not hesitate fling .

The maker of the application once the Lead Program Manager for Nokia Jens refocus on Eggert said , this shows how the Nokia Lumia series continues to develop over time .

As reported by Tech Radar , Monday ( 17/03/2014 ) , he also gave tips on how to produce a bit of an image using an application refocus perfect .

” Point the camera as close as possible to the object . Focuses on the object at a distance of about 5-6 cm . Sure you get something that is obvious , stand out from the background . Suggestion best , experiment . Photographing Free yourself , it is fun , ” he said .

Nokia even has a special interactive forum on their official blog to lure mobile photography enthusiasts .