BlackBerry getting Holds ‘Mobile Most Satisfying’

BlackBerry has just won an award for the category of mobile phones in the Roy Morgan Customer Satisfaction . The award was claimed as proof that the BlackBerry is a phone that is most satisfying .

The Roy Morgan Customer Satisfaction Award garnered from direct experience of the customers towards the products and services . Collection period is 12 months customer experience using .

Roy Morgan Single Source , a method which is the largest survey of customers in Indonesia. Every year , thousands interviewed 26 respondents with a vulnerable age of 14 years and over in 22 major cities , 22 towns and rural areas in 17 provinces in Indonesia .

The awards are divided into different categories, and the category ‘ Mobile Phone Handset of the Year ‘ falls on BlackBerry phones .

” BlackBerry is very lovable and loyal fans we have made the BlackBerry a popular smartphone brand in Indonesia , ” said Maspiyono Handoyo , Managing Director BlackBerry Indonesia .

Maspiyono further explained that , the award was actually going to force BlackBerry to continue melakukn innovation . So expect to satisfy the BlackBerry users in the country .

“The recognition that the BlackBerry received a mandate which will be returned to the community in the form of innovative products and services with the best quality , ” he said

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