Is this the Specifications Surface Pro 3?

Microsoft Surface tablet reportedly will show off the latest in a press conference that will be held April 22. Rumors, Microsoft will showcase Surface 3 and Surface Pro Mini in the event.

Surface Mini is expected to have an 8-inch screen . While Surface Pro 3 , Microsoft seems to be offering five different versions .

“>Even so , the fifth will use Intel’s Haswell processor .

The cheapest models will be equipped with a Core i3 processor , 4GB of RAM , and 64GB of storage , priced at USD799 . Core i5 version with 128GB of storage will be sold at a price of USD 999 .

The most expensive version , as quoted from Ubergizmo , Monday ( 05/19/2014 ) , reportedly will use a Core i7 processor , 8GB of RAM , with 512GB of storage , and is sold at a price of USD 1949.

In addition , there is also a version with a Core i5 and i7 with 8GB RAM , and 256GB of storage that will be released at a price of USD 1,299 and USD 1,549 .

Surface Pro mentioned will have a thinner bezel , with a screen of 12 inches . The Windows key is also to be positioned on the side of the vertical , not horizontal like a pro Surface previous generations .

Norton Internet Security 2012 Review

Norton 2012 Review
Norton 2012 Review

Computers are always struggling with the Internet requires a high level of security. Moreover, the current threats are scattered not just the virus alone. Therefore, complete protection is absolutely necessary. For a computer like that, perananan antivirus application is not enough. Users still need additional security.

For that reason, Symantec security application package to present a more complete than the usual antivirus, ie Norton Internet Security (NIS).

Judging from the interface and several features, NIS 2012 is similar to previous versions such as NIS 2011 and 2010. Display and function relatively the same but with some new features. So for those of you who’ve used previous versions, you will feel familiar with NIS 2012.

In terms of reform, NIS 2012 offers several new features among which are the Control Center display a customizable, bandwidth management, identify alerts that moved to the Norton toolbar so as not to interfere with your computing activities, and of course updates from the side of better security.

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Strengthen Mobile, Skype Acquisition GroupMe

Skype Mobile
Skype Mobile

Skype has just acquired a new company from New York named GroupMe. This step is considered to have directly demonstrated the intention of the VoIP service providers to strengthen its services in the mobile realm.

GroupMe is the maker of an application that allows users to send SMS and make conference calls with friends or colleagues. The company is fairly new still standing is facing strong competition from giant companies like Apple, Google and Facebook.

As quoted from the Wall Street Journal on Monday (8/22/2011), the trio released a new messaging service for smartphones, including group messaging. A source who knows the details of the acquisition is negotiable GroupMe mention Skype for USD 80 million.

“We think the space for the mobile group messaging is very important. It can break down barriers to global communication,” said Chief Executive Tony Bates Skype.

Yahoo! Phone, Smartphone Android a la Yahoo

Yahoo! Phone
Yahoo! Phone

Yahoo and Google are usually less friendly because it often involved business competition. But this time, Yahoo tried to succumb to launch an Android phone, which incidentally is Google’s operating system.

Yahoo! Phone, thus its name, made ??by a Japanese manufacturer, Sharp. This phone is only sold in the country devoted to the Sakura. In collaboration with SoftBank operator, the handset is planned to be marketed from next month.

Yahoo! Phone Handset pretty solid. Its features include 4 inch QHD screen (960 × 540 pixels), 8-megapixel camera with auto focus, and complete connectivity features a la Android. Indeed, this handset is a derivative of Sharp SoftBank 009SH.

Reported TechTree and quoted on Monday (8/22/2011), there are also features a TV Tuner in Yahoo Phone. Rather watch TV via mobile phone facility is quite popular in Sakura’s.

Then why is called Yahoo! Phone? Apparently in which an application range of Yahoo services. So the user can access it easily in mobile.