LG Launch 3D Monitor Without Glasses

LG 3d Monitor Without Glasses
LG 3d Monitor Without Glasses

LG Electronics announced the presence of D2000 as a 3D monitor without the use of the world’s first eyewear. This device is sensor technology adopts eye tracking (eye-tracking technology).¬†Adoption of new technologies on the monitor screen 20 inch dimension is claimed to be able to optimize the appearance of 3D effects that users receive even though enjoyed from a wider perspective.

“LG has always had great vision that the entire device will be able to enjoy 3D without glasses help of supporters. Monitor D2000 is the most future ready on the market today,” said Park Si-hwan, vice president of LG Electronics monitor division in his statement on Friday (15/7/22011).¬†Furthermore, he said, the development of dedicated D2000 LG monitor as a monitor with the quality of LG’s best ability to support the entertainment media like watching pictures, films and computer games based 3D reproduction.

Not just frees the user from the obligation to use 3D glasses support, monitor D2000 LG also has features that do not possess the other 3D without glasses. The specialty is primarily located on the body position and the user point of view to obtain images with a 3D effect from the monitor. Continue reading “LG Launch 3D Monitor Without Glasses”

Strengthen the LCD market, Samsung’s Build a New Business Unit

Samsung LCD
Samsung LCD

Samsung Electronics appoint the head of his company’s chip business unit to lead the new division in charge of semiconductors and flat screen products. This business unit is part of Samsung’s new strategy in the competitive LCD market.

Kwon Oh-hyun, president of Samsung’s semiconductor business unit, will lead a new division called Device Solutions. This business unit will also take over the role Wonkie Chang, head of business unit as well as Chie Executive LCD S-LCD Samsung.

Reportedly, this change marks the revival of business structure for the consolidation of Samsung’s components business that was introduced in January 2009 but was abolished in December. Samsung is done in order to give more power to each component of the business and convince each operating as separate companies. Continue reading “Strengthen the LCD market, Samsung’s Build a New Business Unit”

Wrong Selling Products Without a Manual Indonesian?


The case resulted in prison selling iPad widely criticized because of the ‘rubber articles’ in it. So what’s wrong with selling the product without the manual in Bahasa Indonesia?

To ITGazine, opinions are thrown Abhimanyu Wachdjoewidajat of academics and practitioners UIN Sharif Hidayatullah telematics, Saturday (07/02/2011).

“It seems increasingly clear that our laws are very short term nature, valid only when the Act was plotted and only for some time after the Act is set, if this is how weird it is now not always the House busy with the manufacture and repair of the Act, and by law can not be following day, impressed even create chapters ‘rubber’ which applied only to the interests of certain parties, “said the man who was familiarly called this Abah.

The two charges posted to Dian (42) and Randy (29) as the sellers there are two chapters. Abah also comment on each article is posted.

1. Since selling the iPad import-recognized as a thrift-and since bought in Singapore so it does not have a ‘manual in Indonesian language’ which violates Article 62 Paragraph (1) in conjunction with Article 8 Paragraph (1) Subparagraph j of Law 8 / 1999 on Consumer Protection for do not have the manual book in Indonesian language.

Continue reading “Wrong Selling Products Without a Manual Indonesian?”

This is the Future of Technology ala Symantec Backup

Symantec Backup Technologies
Symantec Backup Technologies

Information explosion and the rising popularity of virtualization has created pressure on data centers, while many companies struggling to backup the new system in a virtual environment with a greater density.

That is what is claimed to make a recovery and business continuity remain at risk. Ironically, although many of the technologies created to facilitate this, but in practice it was too disturbing technology.

“Symantec knows these challenges and define a new vision to help companies shorten backup and recovery, lower costs and reduce complexity,” said Deepak Mohan, senior vice president, Information Management Group, Symantec.

Through a written statement received detikINET, Friday (24/06/2011), the following is Symantec’s vision for the future of backup. Continue reading “This is the Future of Technology ala Symantec Backup”