Beware of ‘Malaysian Water Found’ Malware

Atmosphere precarious fate await certainty Malaysian Air plane lost utilized to capture a victim of cyber criminals . Be careful , be aware of a number of suspicious links .

A fake video claiming the Malaysian Airline passenger plane found in the Bermuda Triangle area is currently being widely circulated on Facebook . When clicked , this video course is a trick leads the victim to access the malware .

To reassure the victim , cyber criminals and even kept a prominent media names such as BBC or CNN as a source of breaking news video is fake .

As reported , Sunday ( 16/03/2014 ) , this malware can overwhelm the user’s timeline with the link, hoping Facebook friends of the victim and participate clicking curious . Continue reading “Beware of ‘Malaysian Water Found’ Malware”

Choose a cable with a high-quality braided sleeving.

braided sleevingAs the manager of the television tables , we need to know a few things in addition to technical matters relating to the management of the business management of cable television. Another thing that I mean things such as dealing with technical network that will be used to connect the client machine to the center , or from client to client. And in this case the most vital tool is associated with the cable. Does this sort of thing is not important , because maybe some of the others think that ‘s important to use a cable to connect to each other to be successful , would have been able to get the desired broadcast television , but that assumption is wrong.

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Bing Now Integrated into Pinterest

Microsoft Bing in order to continue to develop more interesting and more social, by immersing new features. Now, the search engine is integrated with social networking photo sharing Pinterest.

With this collaboration, image search on Bing, will feature a ‘Pin to Pinterest’. As a result, users can instantly share with mengklil Pinterest account to the feature.

Excerpted from The Next Web, Sunday (14/4/013), by clicking the ‘Pin to Pinterest “, users connect to a Pinterest account. Image search results that are immediately pin is in their Pinterest board. Continue reading “Bing Now Integrated into Pinterest”

iPad 2 & iPad Mini 5 Coming Mid-2013

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Mini iPad second generation expected to be released in the second half of 2013. This launch coincided with the introduction of the iPad reportedly 5.

Rumors are rife in China, sourced from one of the manufacturers component suppliers for Apple gadgets. Reported by one of the local media, Apple is now asking suppliers for ‘speeding’ set of components iPad 2 and iPad Mini 5, to be released in the third quarter of 2013.

Thus, as reported by Macotakara, Tuesday (19/03/2013), citing an unnamed source, the selected month in the period between July, August and September.

Another source reported by Cnet mentions, iPad Mini with Retina Display will have a screen resolution of 2048 x 1536 pixels. This resolution is the same as the iPad measures 9.7 inch Retina Display. Continue reading “iPad 2 & iPad Mini 5 Coming Mid-2013”