Samsung and Apple Should Beware Pocin

Map of competition in the mobile phone industry heats up . Not only involve big names like Apple , Samsung , Sony , LG , HTC and others , but now vendors from China and India also began to spread threats .

Research from Business Insider Intelligence mention vendors such as ZTE , Huawei , Xiaomi , Lenovo of China or Karbonn and Micromax of India is starting to show its fangs . Not only in domestic market but in foreign countries.

According to the report cited by the Times of India , on Monday ( 17/03/2014 ) , the Chinese mobile phone vendors in particular have great potential for being able to make a good product with a lower selling price than the output of a premium brand . And the quality is good increases . Continue reading “Samsung and Apple Should Beware Pocin”

Function ‘Lytro camera’ There is now at All Lumia WP8

Nokia expands availability refocus . Lytro similar application that lets users take pictures first and determine the focus of the past can now be sampled at all based Lumia Windows Phone 8 ( WP8 ) .

When it was first announced , this exciting new photography apps available in the handset with PureView camera , for example Lumia 1020 equipped with 41 megapixel camera . Demand a lot of users , Nokia did not hesitate fling .

The maker of the application once the Lead Program Manager for Nokia Jens refocus on Eggert said , this shows how the Nokia Lumia series continues to develop over time .

As reported by Tech Radar , Monday ( 17/03/2014 ) , he also gave tips on how to produce a bit of an image using an application refocus perfect .

” Point the camera as close as possible to the object . Focuses on the object at a distance of about 5-6 cm . Sure you get something that is obvious , stand out from the background . Suggestion best , experiment . Photographing Free yourself , it is fun , ” he said .

Nokia even has a special interactive forum on their official blog to lure mobile photography enthusiasts .

iPhone 5C not Practice!

IPhone 5C fate seems inversely related to his brother , the iPhone 5S . Plastic smart phones that are not selling well , even stock piled up in warehouses .

Apple iPhone 5C actually created in response to users who want to buy the latest iPhone at an affordable price , but it seems less well received .

According to The News Portal , Monday ( 03/17/2014 ) 5C millions of stock iPhone Apple has been piling up in warehouses and millions of others may still be in the shops who already bought the phone .

Less iPhone 5C behavior increasingly reinforced by the analysis of data reported by the institutions of China , Umeng .

The agency claimed that the data traffic on their networks from the iPhone 5C very small when compared to the iPhone 5S or even the iPhone 5 .

Many things are considered to make the iPhone less 5C behavior , one of which is about the price that was considered too expensive . Even so lonely enthusiasts , the price of the iPhone in the United States 5C was trimmed to $ 30 .

Even so , sales of the iPhone 5C has not improved , and until now Apple does not want to go – not about the performance of the mobile phone sales .

BlackBerry getting Holds ‘Mobile Most Satisfying’

BlackBerry has just won an award for the category of mobile phones in the Roy Morgan Customer Satisfaction . The award was claimed as proof that the BlackBerry is a phone that is most satisfying .

The Roy Morgan Customer Satisfaction Award garnered from direct experience of the customers towards the products and services . Collection period is 12 months customer experience using .

Roy Morgan Single Source , a method which is the largest survey of customers in Indonesia. Every year , thousands interviewed 26 respondents with a vulnerable age of 14 years and over in 22 major cities , 22 towns and rural areas in 17 provinces in Indonesia . Continue reading “BlackBerry getting Holds ‘Mobile Most Satisfying’”