iPhone, iPad & iPod Containing Hazardous Substances?

A group of environmentalists in the United States to boycott meyerukan iPhone , iPad & iPod . Because all three products diklam have harmful substances to humans .

The group called Green America pointed out that Apple’s third best-selling products that contain harmful substances such as benzene and n – hexane . Both substances are considered to have caused the disease in the workers assembling the iPhone , iPad and iPod .

Independent groups was also considered that it costs only about $ 1 dollar per device if they did eliminate both these toxic substances .

It is also called China Labor Watch , a health watchdog lab from New York is also hoping Apple would eliminate toxic substances from their devices . Even so the agency does not come calling for a boycott of Apple products . Continue reading “iPhone, iPad & iPod Containing Hazardous Substances?”

After Normandy, Nokia Working on Martini

In a few months , Nokia is expected to release a new handset . Martini has a code name Nokia , Windows Phone -based handsets will be the next successor of Lumia series .

Nokia Martini true name had never been heard before from an account that often leaked the latest gadgets @ evleaks . Latest information said the handset will have the official name of the Lumia 930 .

Reported by WMPoweruser , Friday ( 03/14/2014 ) , Nokia Lumia 930 or Martini , is expected to be in the category of high end . This conjecture is based on a history that all Lumia handsets with the number 9 on the front of the phone features the always expensive . Continue reading “After Normandy, Nokia Working on Martini”

Google annexed Startup Unique Password Maker

slickloginGoogle re-acquired the small startup. But the company is annexed by the giants is different because it offers a unique password authentication.  SlickLogin, Israel-based startup is officially announced to be part of a large family Google last weekend, but as usual, no mention of how much money is issued by Google.

Quoted from Neowin, Monday (17/02/2014), SlickLogin offers password authentication with a simple yet secure, by using sound.  This authentication works both ways. That is, when the user opens the destination page, simply mendekatkankan phone into a laptop or tablet.  Through authentication will open with a smartphone took her distinctive voice, can not even be heard by the human ear. So, open the password was no longer need to enter a specific code.  There has been no comment from Google about the acquisition of action, including what will be used for later.

The more expensive iPhone, Android phones are getting cheaper

sms4Increasingly specifications increasingly sophisticated mobile phones or tablets. Specifically for Android, the price is more affordable. Unlike the Apple iDevice.

Yes, based on data reported by statista, starting from 2010 until now the gap between the price of the iPhone with Android phones increasingly distant. Though spec Android phones tend to be more advanced.  In 2010, for example, the average price difference between Android to the iPhone for USD 261. Then in 2011, the difference ballooned to $ 330.  also, you can read this info at slip ring connector.

Average price difference of Android phones with the iPhone even more enlarged in 2013 to reach USD 374. This is what makes Apple continues to lead about the amount of profit in the mobile phone industry.

Here is the data the average price difference with the iPhone is assembled statista phones based on data from IDC.