Function ‘Lytro camera’ There is now at All Lumia WP8

Nokia expands availability refocus . Lytro similar application that lets users take pictures first and determine the focus of the past can now be sampled at all based Lumia Windows Phone 8 ( WP8 ) .

When it was first announced , this exciting new photography apps available in the handset with PureView camera , for example Lumia 1020 equipped with 41 megapixel camera . Demand a lot of users , Nokia did not hesitate fling .

The maker of the application once the Lead Program Manager for Nokia Jens refocus on Eggert said , this shows how the Nokia Lumia series continues to develop over time .

As reported by Tech Radar , Monday ( 17/03/2014 ) , he also gave tips on how to produce a bit of an image using an application refocus perfect .

” Point the camera as close as possible to the object . Focuses on the object at a distance of about 5-6 cm . Sure you get something that is obvious , stand out from the background . Suggestion best , experiment . Photographing Free yourself , it is fun , ” he said .

Nokia even has a special interactive forum on their official blog to lure mobile photography enthusiasts .

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