iPhone, iPad & iPod Containing Hazardous Substances?

A group of environmentalists in the United States to boycott meyerukan iPhone , iPad & iPod . Because all three products diklam have harmful substances to humans .

The group called Green America pointed out that Apple’s third best-selling products that contain harmful substances such as benzene and n – hexane . Both substances are considered to have caused the disease in the workers assembling the iPhone , iPad and iPod .

Independent groups was also considered that it costs only about $ 1 dollar per device if they did eliminate both these toxic substances .

It is also called China Labor Watch , a health watchdog lab from New York is also hoping Apple would eliminate toxic substances from their devices . Even so the agency does not come calling for a boycott of Apple products .

As quoted from PC World , Sunday ( 16/03/2014 ) , Apple did not accept the allegations. They claim that the entire product already has a good safety standards for the perakitnya or users .

” Last year , we ‘ve checked our nearly 200 facilities that focus on hazardous chemicals just to ensure that they met our strict standards , ” Apple said in a statement .

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