Is this the Specifications Surface Pro 3?

Microsoft Surface tablet reportedly will show off the latest in a press conference that will be held April 22. Rumors, Microsoft will showcase Surface 3 and Surface Pro Mini in the event.

Surface Mini is expected to have an 8-inch screen . While Surface Pro 3 , Microsoft seems to be offering five different versions .

“>Even so , the fifth will use Intel’s Haswell processor .

The cheapest models will be equipped with a Core i3 processor , 4GB of RAM , and 64GB of storage , priced at USD799 . Core i5 version with 128GB of storage will be sold at a price of USD 999 .

The most expensive version , as quoted from Ubergizmo , Monday ( 05/19/2014 ) , reportedly will use a Core i7 processor , 8GB of RAM , with 512GB of storage , and is sold at a price of USD 1949.

In addition , there is also a version with a Core i5 and i7 with 8GB RAM , and 256GB of storage that will be released at a price of USD 1,299 and USD 1,549 .

Surface Pro mentioned will have a thinner bezel , with a screen of 12 inches . The Windows key is also to be positioned on the side of the vertical , not horizontal like a pro Surface previous generations .

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