iPhone 5C not Practice!

IPhone 5C fate seems inversely related to his brother , the iPhone 5S . Plastic smart phones that are not selling well , even stock piled up in warehouses .

Apple iPhone 5C actually created in response to users who want to buy the latest iPhone at an affordable price , but it seems less well received .

According to The News Portal , Monday ( 03/17/2014 ) 5C millions of stock iPhone Apple has been piling up in warehouses and millions of others may still be in the shops who already bought the phone .

Less iPhone 5C behavior increasingly reinforced by the analysis of data reported by the institutions of China , Umeng .

The agency claimed that the data traffic on their networks from the iPhone 5C very small when compared to the iPhone 5S or even the iPhone 5 .

Many things are considered to make the iPhone less 5C behavior , one of which is about the price that was considered too expensive . Even so lonely enthusiasts , the price of the iPhone in the United States 5C was trimmed to $ 30 .

Even so , sales of the iPhone 5C has not improved , and until now Apple does not want to go – not about the performance of the mobile phone sales .

BlackBerry getting Holds ‘Mobile Most Satisfying’

BlackBerry has just won an award for the category of mobile phones in the Roy Morgan Customer Satisfaction . The award was claimed as proof that the BlackBerry is a phone that is most satisfying .

The Roy Morgan Customer Satisfaction Award garnered from direct experience of the customers towards the products and services . Collection period is 12 months customer experience using .

Roy Morgan Single Source , a method which is the largest survey of customers in Indonesia. Every year , thousands interviewed 26 respondents with a vulnerable age of 14 years and over in 22 major cities , 22 towns and rural areas in 17 provinces in Indonesia . Continue reading “BlackBerry getting Holds ‘Mobile Most Satisfying’”

iPhone, iPad & iPod Containing Hazardous Substances?

A group of environmentalists in the United States to boycott meyerukan iPhone , iPad & iPod . Because all three products diklam have harmful substances to humans .

The group called Green America pointed out that Apple’s third best-selling products that contain harmful substances such as benzene and n – hexane . Both substances are considered to have caused the disease in the workers assembling the iPhone , iPad and iPod .

Independent groups was also considered that it costs only about $ 1 dollar per device if they did eliminate both these toxic substances .

It is also called China Labor Watch , a health watchdog lab from New York is also hoping Apple would eliminate toxic substances from their devices . Even so the agency does not come calling for a boycott of Apple products . Continue reading “iPhone, iPad & iPod Containing Hazardous Substances?”

Beware of ‘Malaysian Water Found’ Malware

Atmosphere precarious fate await certainty Malaysian Air plane lost utilized to capture a victim of cyber criminals . Be careful , be aware of a number of suspicious links .

A fake video claiming the Malaysian Airline passenger plane found in the Bermuda Triangle area is currently being widely circulated on Facebook . When clicked , this video course is a trick leads the victim to access the malware .

To reassure the victim , cyber criminals and even kept a prominent media names such as BBC or CNN as a source of breaking news video is fake .

As reported Thehackernews.com , Sunday ( 16/03/2014 ) , this malware can overwhelm the user’s timeline with the link, hoping Facebook friends of the victim and participate clicking curious . Continue reading “Beware of ‘Malaysian Water Found’ Malware”