Samsung & Apple Make Waterproof Cell Phone?

Waterproof Samsung Mobile Phone
Waterproof Samsung Mobile Phone

Waterproof technology that cater for devices smartphones large vendors aiming to deal with. Reportedly, Apple and Samsung are some companies who want towed HzO, the pembesut this technology.

HzO gadget waterproofing works to protect gadgets from water jets. By wrapping the gadget circuit components with nano materials are thin, the phone will stay alive even dipped into the water.

To prove his ability, at CES 2012 some time ago HzO stole the attention of consumers by deliberately dipping into the water a number of devices, including iPhone mobile phone. And when in the bath, the iPhone appeared to still be playing music.

HzO company really hope they are able to work with vendors giant. A spokesman for them said that now is in the process of signing HzO cooperation with smartphone vendors and headphones.

“We’ve demonstrated this technology in Samsung’s glued to the chairman of Samsung Galaxy S and they almost do not believe in what he saw. Samsung was very impressed with this technology,” said HzO, deperti Pocket-lint reported on Tuesday (1/17/2012) .

Apple also reportedly helped to make the iPhone 5 digaet waterproof (waterproof). “We expect HzO will be available in the next smart phones,” explains them further.

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