Social Networking Mosquelife reports the New Features


Technology is present to facilitate users. Now, matters of worship and socialize with people the same background, is also increasingly easy with social networking presence.

Mosquelife, a Muslim social network that was recently launched, recently re-announced a new service that will allow members to get closer to the mosque.

Earlier this year, Mosquelife provides a new feature called Mosque Directory. With this feature, users can register or musala mosque that often they visit, complete with address or write a review about the mosque.

“We’re working closer with the lives of modern Muslim mosque, with an easier way,” said Eko Budhi Suprasetiawan, volunteers Mosquelife in a press release on Sunday, January 9, 2011.

Mosquelife Members can also give a variety of information about environmental activities in their mosques to be known by other members.

Mosquelife other nautical features ie feature called News Wall. This feature is a sort of bulletin board (mading) virtual mosque, where users can post interesting articles or local news to increase the knowledge of congregational mosque.

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