Cheap Smartphones Increasingly Threatened

Today, smartphone or smart phones cheap the better performance. Or at least , not frustrating when worn . Competition between mobile phone vendors also predicted turn to the segments , no longer at the high end level .

Yes , supported increasingly low cost of production , smartphone manufacturers began flooding the lower class segment with a quality product .

“>Not only vendors middle of nowhere , but well-known brands such as Motorola or Asus .

Call it the Motorola Moto E or Asus Zenfone 4 . Both are priced under $ 2 million , but it offers a tempting specification and resolution widescreen tolerable .

Samsung’s Android as the ruler does not seem to want to be left with developing Tizen operating system -based smartphone . Tizen smartphone reportedly aimed at developing countries and banderolnya affordable .

What is the reason low-cost smartphone market increasingly passionate ? As quoted from TechRadar , Monday ( 05/19/2014 ) , apparently a high end smart phone market began to stagnate . According to research firm IDC research , smartphone shipments has declined in some countries , such as in Japan . So the smartphone market is no longer as sexy as before .

Be aware of this trend , manufacturers of smartphones play the brain to maintain sales . And it seems the best way is to offer cheap smartphones to reach as many consumers . For resale value , performance is not disappointing .

Trend of low-cost smartphone also triggered the decline in the average price of smartphones in 2012 valued at $ 450 , is projected to drop to USD 260 in 2018. Means that profit margins eroded smartphone vendor

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