Google: Local Content in Indonesia Less tilled

Google Indonesia
Google Indonesia

Concerns over service operator will be stretching the top (OTT) is understandable by Google and Microsoft are engaged in the business. But according to them, there are more important things, and have not been maximized by operator to boost its business performance in order to rise again.

Director of Strategic Business Development Google Asia Pacific, Michelle Guthrie, there are many opportunities to assess the local businesses that have not been explored by the operator.

“Of the 17 million local company registered in Indonesia, less than 75 thousand which has a website. So, go get the local business online. That’s a big opportunity,” Guthrie said the Indonesian ICT Outlook 2012: Resisting the Doomsday of Big Telco Players, in Balai Kartini, Jakarta, Wednesday (14/03/2012). Continue reading “Google: Local Content in Indonesia Less tilled”

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