Android Watches, Can Email and Facebook

Sony Smartwatch
Sony Smartwatch

Not only inform a matter of time, following watches are also capable of connecting users with email and website. This was possible thanks to the Android operating system.

Sony is pembesut following watches are enchanting. Devices that use software from the giant Google is dubbed SmartWatch.

Not only can connect with email, users can also connect with the music, websites and other online content. And do not worry about looks ‘weird’ with these devices, because with a sleek design, it actually makes the user look cool.

On the mat technology grand CES, Sony said that Android watches it will already be available on the market in late March with a price range of USD 149. He will compete with similar watches from the Italian startup named ‘Watch’ m ‘is priced at a more expensive, which is USD 350. Continue reading “Android Watches, Can Email and Facebook”

Strengthen Mobile, Skype Acquisition GroupMe

Skype Mobile
Skype Mobile

Skype has just acquired a new company from New York named GroupMe. This step is considered to have directly demonstrated the intention of the VoIP service providers to strengthen its services in the mobile realm.

GroupMe is the maker of an application that allows users to send SMS and make conference calls with friends or colleagues. The company is fairly new still standing is facing strong competition from giant companies like Apple, Google and Facebook.

As quoted from the Wall Street Journal on Monday (8/22/2011), the trio released a new messaging service for smartphones, including group messaging. A source who knows the details of the acquisition is negotiable GroupMe mention Skype for USD 80 million.

“We think the space for the mobile group messaging is very important. It can break down barriers to global communication,” said Chief Executive Tony Bates Skype.

Wael Ghonim Touted Google Chief Executive

At Mobile World Congress exhibition, held in Barcelona Spain, chief executive of Google, Eric Schmidt praised the role of its employees, Wael Ghonim in mobilizing the youth movement that overthrew Egypt’s Hosni Mubarak. “I’ve talked to him. We are very proud of what he did in Egypt,” Schmidt said when delivering the keynote presentation via the web, as quoted by the Times of India website.

According to Schmidt, Ghonim and his colleagues have successfully used technology such as Facebook and Twitter to express their opinions, and this is a good example for the fight for transparency. Future technology, Schmidt said, will help people to make the world a better place for the community because they have access to better information. Continue reading “Wael Ghonim Touted Google Chief Executive”