Google acquired, Motorola will layoff employees

Google Motorola
Google Motorola

The news is not tasty blow after Google acquired the Motorola Mobility. One report said Motorola plans to terminate the employment (layoff) employees. The number of employees will be laid off pretty much anything, about 800 people. Mentioned Motorola, layoffs will be done before the end of this year and some employees in other business units, namely Motorola Mobility, will also be affected.

As is known, the Motorola Mobility is a business unit of Motorola’s manufacturing and designing consumer products such as Photon, Droid and Droid Bionic Razr. While Motorola Solutions, focusing on product and business customers.

A little look back, Google agreed to buy Motorola Mobility worth USD 12.5 billion. This acquisition not only puts Google in the hardware business, but the important thing is to strengthen the portfolio of Google with thousands of patents owned by Motorola.

Excerpted from the Los Angeles Times, Tuesday (01/11/2011), the shareholders of Motorola Mobility will conduct the voting for this acquisition agreement on 17 November. Google itself is still awaiting approval from regulators, while the board of directors of both companies have approved the agreement.

BlackBerry enshrined in Upper Stamps

BlackBerry Stamp
BlackBerry Stamp

An award dedicated to the founding duo of Research in Motion (RIM), Mike Lazaridis and Jim Balsillie. The award is realized in the form of making pictorial stamps BlackBerry made ??in his native country, Canada.

This smart mobile devices will enter into a series of stamps bersandingan with 3 other great discoveries are made in Canada. In other findings also immortalized in stamps is the electric oven (1892), pacemakers (1950) and an electric wheelchair.

Canada Post in the official website says that the series of stamps highlighting the discovery in Canada – Made in Canada – in terms of knowledge and creativity to transform people’s lives.

BlackBerry regarded as an invention that changed the way people communicate and delivery of information. Continuous innovation has made RIM and its BlackBerry became a major player in the smartphone market, according to a CanadaPost on Monday (15/10/2011).

These stamps will be available in Canada starting 17 August. The design is made ??with great detail and careful that there is a common thread in the distance between the discovery of his birth so much that. Angle and croppingnya well regulated, as well as the color for the fourth invention is seen together.

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Vacancies in the field of technology jobs are being opened, a great opportunity for you.

Technology Jobs
Technology Jobs

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