Norton Internet Security 2012 Review

Norton 2012 Review
Norton 2012 Review

Computers are always struggling with the Internet requires a high level of security. Moreover, the current threats are scattered not just the virus alone. Therefore, complete protection is absolutely necessary. For a computer like that, perananan antivirus application is not enough. Users still need additional security.

For that reason, Symantec security application package to present a more complete than the usual antivirus, ie Norton Internet Security (NIS).

Judging from the interface and several features, NIS 2012 is similar to previous versions such as NIS 2011 and 2010. Display and function relatively the same but with some new features. So for those of you who’ve used previous versions, you will feel familiar with NIS 2012.

In terms of reform, NIS 2012 offers several new features among which are the Control Center display a customizable, bandwidth management, identify alerts that moved to the Norton toolbar so as not to interfere with your computing activities, and of course updates from the side of better security.

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Headache due to data loss, no more

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Finally I find the program – a program that can also use to make the return data – data that I lost earlier. There are some programs that I get for Data Recovery from the internet, but the result does not only make computer data back me 100 percent. Only a few percent only data that can be saved. Finally, after browsing and searching information in internet search, I finally found a website that provides data rescue service. What are they offering? They can save data from a variety of storage, from the hard disk, flash disk, blu-ray, and others.

In addition, they can also save data from a variety of operating systems, such as windows, mac data recovery, linux, operating system, Server Data Recovery and the other. The price is quite cheap, and there is no value when compared with the data that can be saved. Data – data that is on the server can be delivered. So make you dizzy with a loss of data, is no longer a headache, submit it to the experts.