China Still ‘King’ Spam

The most active countries sending spam is still held by China. Although the percentages were little changed, down 1.2% China, the United States fell 0.9% and South Korea fell by 3%.

Of Kaspersky Lab notes, the majority of email spam remains small with under 1 Kb file. In the second quarter, email spam small rose 4.8% and in total accounted for 73.8% of all spam emails.

Number of malicious attachments in the second quarter, down 1% from the first quarter to 2.3% of all spam emails.

Among the threats that spread through email, the most dominant is the email that is designed to steal user accounts to access the data (eg username and password), especially username and password for online banking services.

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Google Play Store Defeat Start App Store

For the first time, managed to Google Play Store┬ábeat┬áStore Apple’s App Store in terms of download numbers in the leading online applications store.

From the data released by the App Annie revealed that the current number of downloaders in the Play Store 10% more than the App Store. Although the matter of the number of advantages over Apple still produce than Google.

Quoted from GSM Arena, Friday (08/02/2013), the only similarity of the two is the amount of download in the App Store Play Store and mostly come from the gaming applications.

More specifically, gaming applications on the App Store traffic control 75% user downloads iDevice, Android even number could reach 80%.

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Facebook, Twitter and Tumblr Enliven Google Glass

Google increasingly enterprising enrich applications for smart glasses. At the conference of Google I / O, revealed a number of popular applications that will be presented. Especially if not social networking applications.

The first, of course, Facebook. The number one social networking will be available soon on Google Glass. Users can share photos to Facebook directly from the glasses.

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Bing Now Integrated into Pinterest

Microsoft Bing in order to continue to develop more interesting and more social, by immersing new features. Now, the search engine is integrated with social networking photo sharing Pinterest.

With this collaboration, image search on Bing, will feature a ‘Pin to Pinterest’. As a result, users can instantly share with mengklil Pinterest account to the feature.

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