Hacker Ask Ransom Rp446 million to Symantec


Symantec reportedly ready to pay money of U.S. $ 50 thousand in the hacker to prevent the hacker released code Norton PC Anywhere and Norton Antivirus. Previously, Yama Tough, an individual hacker who claims to be a member of the group Anonymous, in a tweet of his claim will be releasing the source code of Norton Antivirus.

“We’ll pay you, but we need assurance that you will not be releasing the code after we make a payment,” said Sam Thomas, a spokesman for Symantec in an email to the hacker, quoted from Cnet, 8 February 2012.

In his email, Thomas said, it will pay U.S. $ 2500 or Rp22 million per month in the first three months. The payment itself will be conducted starting next week.

Mid-January, Symantec did admit that in 2006 there are breaches of action happening on their networks and theft of program code. The breakthrough was made by a third party and the stolen code is program code Norton Antivirus Corporate Edition, Internet Security, SystemWorks, and PC Anywhere.

Although the hackers managed to steal the code, Symantec says that the majority of their customers are not in danger. Largest manufacturer of security devices that have been instructed on the user to temporarily turn off their software to Symantec issued an update to the software in question.

Norton Internet Security 2012 Review

Norton 2012 Review
Norton 2012 Review

Computers are always struggling with the Internet requires a high level of security. Moreover, the current threats are scattered not just the virus alone. Therefore, complete protection is absolutely necessary. For a computer like that, perananan antivirus application is not enough. Users still need additional security.

For that reason, Symantec security application package to present a more complete than the usual antivirus, ie Norton Internet Security (NIS).

Judging from the interface and several features, NIS 2012 is similar to previous versions such as NIS 2011 and 2010. Display and function relatively the same but with some new features. So for those of you who’ve used previous versions, you will feel familiar with NIS 2012.

In terms of reform, NIS 2012 offers several new features among which are the Control Center display a customizable, bandwidth management, identify alerts that moved to the Norton toolbar so as not to interfere with your computing activities, and of course updates from the side of better security.

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Circulating Trojan Sound Recorder on Android


A program could potentially malicious applications with the ability to record telephone conversations, especially on a smartphone based on Android operating system, have recently attracted much attention.

One that was found was called Android.Nickipsy. This application is explicitly aimed at helping people who are suspicious of others and then intends to spy on him. Of course, this application has the ability to record phone conversations.

“Despite being able to record, physical access to the device is required to play back the recording, and the application is not much help other than to record telephone conversations,” said Irfan Asrar, an analyst from Symantec Security Response, Tuesday, August 9, 2011. Continue reading “Circulating Trojan Sound Recorder on Android”

Tips to Avoid Scam Moving in Our Email

With the increase of Internet users in Indonesia, phishers seem to be more active ‘work’. Here are some tips to avoid adalam Scam circulating in our email. For information, electronic news Scam is fraudulent, so the sender will receive benefits and certain benefits. Sample scam that we often encounter is a chain letter and the announcement of the lottery.

Based on Symantec’s description, here are things you should do and not do when we accept foreign email.

What should be done:
– Unsubscribe from legitimate mailing lists if you do not want to receive messages again from the mailing list. When signing up to receive email, check out additional items whatever you want at the same time. Do not select the items you do not want. Continue reading “Tips to Avoid Scam Moving in Our Email”