Norton Internet Security 2012 Review

Norton 2012 Review
Norton 2012 Review

Computers are always struggling with the Internet requires a high level of security. Moreover, the current threats are scattered not just the virus alone. Therefore, complete protection is absolutely necessary. For a computer like that, perananan antivirus application is not enough. Users still need additional security.

For that reason, Symantec security application package to present a more complete than the usual antivirus, ie Norton Internet Security (NIS).

Judging from the interface and several features, NIS 2012 is similar to previous versions such as NIS 2011 and 2010. Display and function relatively the same but with some new features. So for those of you who’ve used previous versions, you will feel familiar with NIS 2012.

In terms of reform, NIS 2012 offers several new features among which are the Control Center display a customizable, bandwidth management, identify alerts that moved to the Norton toolbar so as not to interfere with your computing activities, and of course updates from the side of better security.

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5 Kick Flirt Preventing Viruses on Facebook Chat

Since mid-August until now many computer users are reportedly infected with malware attacks that operate in Facebook chat service.

Vaksincom security company to detect this virus as W32/Kolab.xx (Trojan.Click1.xxxx). According to Adi Saputra, an analyst with Vaksincom, recorded dozens of variants has been detected since August. One of them even can not be detected by almost all leading antivirus.

Consider the five stance for style Vaksincom just went on Friday (09/09/2011)

1. Avoid clicking on links sent to you, either through Facebook or a chat message status.

2. Tell your friends, that the computer has been infected with the virus, and immediately do the update and scan your computer with antivirus is updated.

3. Do not make copies or links to notices along with the link, because then you just spread the link that contains the virus.

4. Do not leave your Facebook in a state of active / logged in, you should log out first until you return.

5. Use Secure HTTP / HTTPS when logging Facebook, this is so that your account is not easily accessible by others around you.

McAfee WaveSecure ‘shield’ in the iPhone Important Data

McAfee WaveSecure
McAfee WaveSecure

The issue of losing important data if the device is lost no longer belong to PC users because now the same issue is now also faced by mobile users. For this reason the antivirus software vendor McAfee launch the following applications.

Named McAfee WaveSecure, it will help iPhone owners who lost his cell phone to protect data stored in it to back up important data to other devices. Thus, important data can remain secure.

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7. Virus & Anti Virus

Virus Komputer adalah parasit komputer 😉 kenapa dikatakan seperti itu? ya karna sifat dari virus adalah merusak / memodifikasi apa yang ada di dalam komputer sasaran.

Kalo dijelaskan lebih detail lagi, virus adalah suatu program komputer yang fungsinya adalah mengacau sistem/data komputer lain.

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