Google Release Motorola to Huawei?

Google MotorolaMotorola Mobility’s acquisition by Google last year, public attention and make a guess. What great things would be done on the internet giant vendors from the United States (U.S.)? Up to now, have not seen a buzz of collaboration between the two. Instead, Google offers word blew its hardware division to the Huawei.

The news has not confirmed the truth of this came from the preaching of The Wall Street Journal and direct a warm conversation on a variety of sites and tech blogs. Both Huawei and Google until recently shut their mouths.

Huawei itself does have ambitions to grow the handset business in the global arena. Google, as quoted by The Wall Street Journal, Friday (13/04/2012), the only thing that attracted him to the Motorola simply because of its patent.

Meanwhile, analysts expect the agreement between the two is very possible. If true, this news also shows Google as well as unable to benefit from Motorola. Continue reading “Google Release Motorola to Huawei?”

Google Closed Some Services

Google Services
Google Services

Google re-announced closure of some of their services are not sold in the market. In a posting on their official blog, Google’s Senior Vice President, Alan Eustace, Google said that some services are closed is Google Aardvark, FastFlip, Sidewiki, Google Pack, Google Desktop, and more.

“In the next few months we will close a number of products and combine them as one of the features of other products,” said Alan Eustace, eWeek quoted from the site.

This is part of the policy of the Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of the new Google, Larry Page, who want to develop Google’s core products are more focused, like a search, the field of mobile phones through Android, Chrome on the desktop, as well as YouTube for video.
Previously, Google has also closed several other products, such as Google Health, Power Meter, and Google Labs products gradually.
Here is a complete list of Google services that will be closed.

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Strengthen Mobile, Skype Acquisition GroupMe

Skype Mobile
Skype Mobile

Skype has just acquired a new company from New York named GroupMe. This step is considered to have directly demonstrated the intention of the VoIP service providers to strengthen its services in the mobile realm.

GroupMe is the maker of an application that allows users to send SMS and make conference calls with friends or colleagues. The company is fairly new still standing is facing strong competition from giant companies like Apple, Google and Facebook.

As quoted from the Wall Street Journal on Monday (8/22/2011), the trio released a new messaging service for smartphones, including group messaging. A source who knows the details of the acquisition is negotiable GroupMe mention Skype for USD 80 million.

“We think the space for the mobile group messaging is very important. It can break down barriers to global communication,” said Chief Executive Tony Bates Skype.

Google Buys Motorola Mobility

Google Motorola Mobility
Google Motorola Mobility

Google has agreed to buy Motorola’s Mobility worth USD 12.5 billion. Obviously, this step into the spotlight because it is predicted to increasingly strengthen Google in the mobile realm.

This deal came about eight months after Motorola’s ‘split’ into two companies, namely Motorola and Motorola Mobility Solutions. ‘Splits’ companies from the United States (U.S.) is not because bad things happen, but to be more focused in their business.

Motorola Mobility will focus in the cultivation of cell phones and the internet, while Motorola Solutions take care of other professional equipment. Now, with the acquisition of Motorola’s Mobility by Google, would be a benefit for the Internet giant is considering the Motorola patent portfolio will strengthen their portfolio. Continue reading “Google Buys Motorola Mobility”