Xbox 720 Full Specifications

Microsoft is still keeping secret meeting about the presence and specification of the new game console called the Xbox 720 supposedly. But one source close to the company have more information.

Sources who declined to be named, said that the Xbox 720 that will be equipped with such a capability smartglass and Blu-Ray movie playback. So that was quoted from VR Zone, Friday (03/08/2013).

Technically the entire Xbox 720 will be equipped with:
Speed ​​3 times over speeding of the Xbox 360.
Will come in two versions, Arcade 320 GB or 500 GB, 1 TB Pro.HDD
Blu-Ray movie playback.
AMD 1.6GHz eight-core x64 CPU
Direct 3D 11.x 800MHz GPU

Of course, this information can not be true of all, because of the rumors Microsoft has yet to validate these outstanding specifications.

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