Android & iPhone Users, Who’s More Royal?

Android and iPhone users generally have some differences . One of them online on internet -related spending . Yes , Android is okay to be the most dominant operating system with approximately 80 % market share according to IDC . However, although much less population , iPhone users in the United States seem to spend more money when shopping online .

” We have published a report that the Android user value is a quarter of iOS users , by selling virtual goods such as games , ” said Simon Khalaf , CEO of Flurry, which is a mobile advertising company .

” Data from IBM states that the ratio is almost equal in the matter of the sale of physical goods online , ” he added , as quoted by Business Insider , Wednesday ( 01/08/2014 ) . According to Simon , is essentially an iOS users tend to buy four times more than an Android user . ” The reason is probably because the Android device is intended as a replacement for feature phones only and should not be used like a smartphone , especially in the United States , ” said Simon .

McAfee Antivirus in Threshold ‘Death’

McAfee is one of the most popular antivirus software . But now , it might be time to say goodbye to such an antidote to malicious programs . What on earth? McAfee is an antivirus company established John McAfee , the eccentric billionaire technology . In 2011 , McAfee was acquired by processor giant , Intel .

Well , in the event the Consumer Electronic Show ( CES ) 2014 , Intel CEO Brian Krzanich announced that they will not use the name McAfee again . Instead , the antivirus will be named the new Intel Security . McAfee antivirus technology does not change much , just the name alone is going to be replaced . The rebranding process is expected to take as long as a year .

Later , most of the Intel Security features can be used free of charge . Intel plans so that the antivirus can be used in many devices . ” Intel is bringing security to any mobile phone , tablet , also wearable , ” said Krzanich quoted from Cnet , Wednesday ( 01/08/2014 ) . And what about the response John McAfee related decisions that Intel will not use his name again ? He claimed instead was pleased with the change . ” I actually hope they remove it or repair the product brand , ” said John McAfee .

BlackBerry strategy Dominance Against Apple & Samsung

John Chen , CEO of the BlackBerry , did not want to give up so easily see its market share continuously undermined by iOS and Android . A number of strategies were prepared to revive the company’s business slumped .

” I was challenged to be able to generate profit from the device . Therefore should be able to make the BlackBerry device favored by many people , ” Chen said in an interview that attended restricted on the sidelines of CES 2014 in Las Vegas , USA .

Admittedly , the condition of the BlackBerry company is not in good condition when he was asked to replace Thorsten Heins . When Chen was appointed as Interim CEO , the company was in a state of losing $ 2.6 billion in the last two quarters . Continue reading “BlackBerry strategy Dominance Against Apple & Samsung”

How to improve slip ring quality

1.The detection of dynamic contact resistance
slip ringTo be bested for slip ring mounted on 360-degree turntable rotation detection by motor driven turntable, so that a continuous conductive slip ring rotation in the detection process, the dynamic contact resistance of each loop is a dynamic display whichever is the maximum and minimum, in order to ensure the stability of the loop conductive transfer, the loop of contact resistance variation of no more than 9m.

2.Insulation resistance testing:
To prevent the loop between the insulation resistance should be not less than 500M, MOFLON produced the electrical slip ring is a multi-channel precision positioning ring group ring, vacuum pressure casting epoxy formulation materials, precision machining, after heat curing made.

3.The slip ring life testing:
rotary slip ring is used in point-contact throughout the manufacturing process to ensure that the brushes and ring groove wear life, MOFLON purchased Chinas first slip ring tester, according to the different use of the environment (high temperature, voltage, speed, frequency, data rate), can be test to life for electrical slip ring in different environments. Each batch of material produced will have a strict life test for 15pcs/5set sample in 21 days in advance, then make sure the production of wear life and quality . Continue reading “How to improve slip ring quality”